Targa Trophy German Car Festival

On May 27th, a few of the CarGruppe team members attended the 6th annual German Car Festival  hosted by Targa Trophy. The rally started at the newly constructed Porsche San Diego dealership, where 120 cars were gathered together to be stickered up, shown off, and sent to the starting line of the 3 hour rally. The route quickly got us moving and sent us on a quick highway blast to beautiful canyon roads where we were tasked with taking photos, eating pie, and playing poker to complete various checkpoints. After a few hours of crushing the canyons among fellow drivers, we crossed the finish line at the Broadway Pier in beautiful San Diego. Once there, all of the cars from the rally were parked on the pier as part of the Horizon Carnival, by Five Group. With delicious food, great music, and picturesque scenery, the Horizon Carnival was the cherry on top for the fantastic event. As the day began to wind down, the winners of the awards and raffle prizes were announced, and everyone began to make their way back to their cars to finish off the event.

For those unaware, Targa Trophy is an organization that hosts point-to-point rallies that take place on public roads. The point of “competing” is to compete all of the checkpoint tasks and finish the rally with a time as close as possible to a time set by one of the event organizers, which is only revealed at the end of the rally. “Racing” is highly discouraged and it is always made very clearly that the fastest time will not win, however, that doesn’t stop participants from enjoying their car’s performance abilities in the safest way possible, of course.

Targa Trophy events are an incredible experience and a tremendously fun way to spend a day. If you are given the opportunity to attend, do not hesitate, It will be an experience you won’t soon forget. Make sure to follow @cargruppe on instagram and Facebook to stay up to date with all of the latest events!

Thank you Autolliance for the amazing photos once again!

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