On April 30th we hosted our Get Out and Drive event which started with a morning meet at SMG Auto Brokers where breakfast was served, followed by quick freeway run to the world-famous Super Car Sunday meet in Woodland Hills, and ended with a spirited cruise through the Malibu canyons to finally end at a waterfront restaurant for some lunch.

Our meets are not limited to any one category of vehicles. The variety of motoring monsters that come is what makes our meets so unique. At this past event the cars ranged from a roaring RS7, a burbling M3, and some loud American muscle all the way to a Dodge Viper, several superbikes, a Lamborghini Huracan, and an infamously brightly wrapped AMG GTS. As a fellow car enthusiasts, we strive to make our events welcome to all types of vehicles to allow people to share their passion and love for them. It is always a treat when we drive through Malibu and get to hear and see these unique beasts in action.

Hosted by SMG Auto Brokers, Autolliance, Speedsuspects, Zito Wheels, Fresh Window Tint, and Bros Automotive Detailing, we all came together to host an event where everyone was welcome and shared a common love for petrol-powered machines.

Thank you Autolliance for the amazing pictures!

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